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TRANSFORMATION.  Successful.  Digital.  Protected

WE select the most suitable IT-Solutions and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

Outsourcing. Solutions. Services.




A solution that includes the process, resources and management methods to achieve the goal while transferring the appropriate authority to  FLEX. Our team of high-level professionals will implement your ideas into life. You can rely on its deep experience for boosting your business in IT sphere as well as any other business including but not limited to Transportation, Logistics & Retail with the help of IT solutions.

Purchasing, Delivery, Documentation Support

Our qualifed team provide a wide range of services from application registration to payment and delivery of the goods, right into your hands, using its broad and comprehensive range of partners, including web-based only networks of wholesale and retail outlets, with corporate and private clients, with online and offline sites and stores. In Addition, Our Employees Are Ready To Offer You Brokerage Services, Support, Meetings.

Transaction Support And Consulting Services, Video And Media Production Services

We accompany the company in solving any personnel problems: from improving the efficiency of search and selection of personnel to resolving labor disputes.

Our Administrative Support For International Transactions Worldwide is Further Facilitated By Cooperation With Our Large Number Of Partner Logistics Centers. The Cargo Transportation We Deal With Can Be Small-Sized, Consolidated, Fragile, and of Other Specialization.



The Power of Marketing is to Get the Best Possible


We go through all stages of branding: from research, analysis of the market situation, creating a brand image and to the effective launch of the developed product or service on the market, its PR and promotion via the Internet.

Social media marketing

Promotion in social networks is an important part of Internet marketing, as well as an integral way to attract potential customers and build a brand community.

Content marketing

We form an audience around the brand that will talk about you and recommend your product to others.

We’re Good with Numbers





Years of Experience

Qualified Experts

Clients from all over the world

Intl. Partners



Why Choose FLEX

FLEX is a leading provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security.  The COMPANY enables, simplifies and accelerates the digital transformation of its clients' businesses by connecting thousands of organizations from all industries with best-in-class IT vendors, as well as providing proprietary services and solutions. The accumulated experience in the development and maintenance of systems of various scales and levels of complexity made it possible to formulate requirements for flexible next-generation solutions for process automation.

Our smart technologies of FLEX optimize the activities of companies, taking over the routine and increasing the efficiency of employees.



“Our acquaintance with the FLEX company took place thanks to the Internet.  Already after a virtual acquaintance with the director, we had an extremely good opinion about this company, which was later confirmed in real life.  In order to find a worthy IT company capable of undertaking the development of branding for our network, we were looking for a reliable partner with great responsibility.  The specialists of this company most comprehensively approached the solution of our problem.”
Andrew Witty,SOFT company manager

Richard Boston, Senior Marketing Manager

Business areas

  • Agents specializing in the sale of other specific products

  • Agents involved in the sale of various goods

  • Advertising agencies

  • Repair of computers and peripheral equipment



Let’s Work Together

Address: 7 Bell Yard, London, England, WC2A 2JR
Company No.: 14851567

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